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Combining storytelling with digital pen brings brilliant opportunities for enhanced learning

Storytelling is an ancient way of learning. When it is combined with the invention of pen, what happens?

First of all, pen is an ancient technique to put down words in form of drawing. It was used in the past for writing, but it has now found a new application in education.

Storytelling is a very ancient method of learning. Combining it with the invention of the pen, we get a digital pen that kids can use to illustrate math problems and story plots. The best part is that this tool makes learning interactive and imaginative. The child gets to play the role of the writer or illustrator which increases his/her interest level in what they are learning about. This way, kids feel like they are contributing something to their math lessons which makes them enjoy their studies.

Puro Math Stories is a new approach to learning that combines story telling with math learning. It is a great way to teach children about numbers and counting.

In the new ”Puro Math Stories”, kids get to be part of a story by listening, drawing and solving puzzles. The Stories are designed for children of age 4-10 years. To be able to use the Stories, all you need is a mobile device or laptop with touch screen. It is preferred though that you use a digital pen for best user experience.

This combination of drawing and math has been shown to be an effective way for children to learn new concepts in mathematics, as well as improve their creativity skills.

The first story will be about a Tiger who has lost he’s stripes. With the help of the story user, he finally solves math puzzles and gets brand new stripes. As a small learning content, the user also gets to know that zebras actually have white stripes. Their basic color is black.

There will be more stories with learning content as soon as we get them written.

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