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Draw - Calculate - Learn

These tasks are created by experienced and innovative teachers. Tasks are designed for touchscreen devices like tablets and Chromebooks.


Draw draw hands on the clock and freely practice clock times.

Practice even hours and draw a clock hand to the correct time.

Numbers 0-10

Math story. Teemu the tiger. Puro123

Teemu the Tiger

Teemu the Tiger searches for his tracks in a math story. Help Teemu find the stripes.

Practice drawing numbers.

Numbers 1-5

Practice numbers 1-5 by drawing and counting.

Numbers 1-10

Practice numbers 1-10 by drawing and counting.

Compare 1-10

Practise comparing the order of magnitude of figures.

Practice numbers by drawing the solution on the maze.

Practice numbers 1-10 by coloring.

Listen to the numerals 1-12. Identify and write right number.

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